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Local authorities will play a crucial role in the race to net-zero. The Local Authorities and the Sixth Carbon Budget report stated that “More than half of the emissions cuts needed rely on people and businesses taking up low-carbon solutions – decisions that are made at a local and individual level.” 

We have a unique opportunity to influence local authorities’ actions on climate change. Elections for hundreds of councils and 13 directly elected mayors will be held on May 6th.

So, Climate Emergency UK is running a campaign asking candidates to pledge to reach net-zero emissions for their whole area by 2030. 115 local authorities have already made 2030 their net-zero target. Now we need to make sure the rest of our local authorities do so.

How can I get involved?

We need hundreds of local residents to get as many candidates to pledge to take the 2030 Pledge. And we have broken it down into easy steps for you to take part and get involved.

Step 1: Find out who your candidates are

You can check the list of candidates for your area/ward by entering your postcode here:

If a candidates email is not listed then you may need to contact the local party, find individual candidates websites or feel free to contact them via social media – lots of twitter profiles have been listed.

Step 2: Contact your local candidates

You can use our example letter as a basis for contacting Councillors. But remember that making an email personal always has a bigger impact. Candidates will be able to sign the 2030 Pledge on our website so please remember to send them the link –

Step 3: Share on social media

Feel free to share any news, updates and candidate responses to the 2030 Pledge campaign on your social media using #2030Pledge (This means we will be able to see and promote what you share).

You can also ask candidates who have taken the 2030 Pledge to take a picture with our Pledge Card and ask them to share their commitment too.

Step 4: Become a Local Coordinator

We need people in local communities to spread the word about the 2030 Pledge. A Coordinator would get in contact with local groups about the 2030 Pledge, be a point person for other volunteers in the community and gather support getting more people interested in contacting Councillors/candidates to take the 2030 Pledge. For anyone interested in becoming a Local Coordinator please email us at

Tactics & Resources on Campaigning  

We have an example letter you can send to your candidates, and our Pledge Card once candidates have signed the 2030 Pledge.

But we don’t want to recreate the wheel so we are forwarding people to Friends of the Earth’s campaign resources. They have excellent resources on: 

Who to contact?

For more information on the campaign, or if you have any questions, you can email us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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